No location is outside of our delivery zone

No location is outside of our delivery zone, whether we utilise vans, trucks, cranes or even helicoptors, we will do what it takes to ensure that all of our appliances can be safely brought to your door!

We also offer a free of charge site survey for all London destinations as a matter of course and will do the same for any out of London location that you feel would benefit from a visit by our expert delivery team, to plan the perfect, stress-free delivery of what can sometimes be rather large appliances.


We even offer the ability to semi-dismantle our larger appliances by temporarily removing the doors or compressors and then re-building them on site, where narrow doorways or awkward turnings may hinder a straight forward delivery.

Our expertise in delivering Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances is simply stunning! See the video clip below for a taste of what we mean!

Our Delivery team is backed up by a dedicated Logistics team, who will work closely with you to book a convenient date and time for any delivery or site survey you may require.

We are very proud of our new Sub-Zero & Wolf motor-bike which allows us to zip into Central London, avoiding traffic jams to quickly and efficiently carry out site surveys.

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