Wolf Cooking

From the very first glance you can tell that Wolf cooking equipment has been built to do a job. Solid steel, rugged control knobs, formidable burners. Mind you, if you’d been subject to 70 years of demands from professional chefs, you’d feel qualified to cook pretty much anything that came your way. And that’s exactly what Wolf cooking equipment does. To perfection.

Wolf only makes cooking equipment. Wolf delivers unprecedented performance and technology to your kitchen. Superb cooking equipment, hand-built in the USA. We haven’t compromised at any point from the quality of the materials we use to the technology that gets things done (or underdone or medium rare). We don’t make it clever for clever’s sake. Wolf’s advanced technology will never overwhelm but rather make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delicious meals.

In addition to the sophisticated exteriors and striking cobalt blue oven interiors you will find that the settings, the precise temperature control, and the features are all designed to get the results you want.


Wolf Built-in ovens are the perfect demonstration of our professional heritage, combining advanced, easy-to-use technology with striking functional design. The latest addition to the Wolf line is our sleek new black glass E series single and double ovens. These ovens, along with our classic stainless models, make a striking centrepieces to any kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary. Find out more about the Built-In oven range


Wolf Dual fuel ranges deliver the best of both worlds. Above, the fine control of dual-stacked sealed  gas burners, with special options such as a French Top, charbroiler or griddle, all designed to provide perfect cooking. Below, the self-cleaning, dual-convection electric oven with its two fans, four heating elements and ten cooking modes. Capaciouse enough to hold a 30kg roast, it features an ergonomic flip down control panel and digital temperature read-out, that allows you to check the oven’s status without bending down. There are nine  different gas top configurations available in widths of 914, 1219 and 1524mm. Dual Fuel, one goal: perfect results every time. Find out more about the Dual Fuel range.


Behind the sophisticated minimalist exterior of a Wolf Electric cooktop lies a high-performance cooking instrument that delivers pinpoint control, from gentle melt, to scorching heat. It is powered by a ‘bridge’ design, so named because it bridges two elements to create a single large heating space that’s perfect for large specialty saucepans or fish kettles. Available framed or unframed, the minimalist design of the electric cooktop maintains the pure line of your kitchen surfaces. Explore the Electric cooktop range.


With its Dual-stacked sealed burner design, a Wolf Gas cooktop delivers precise control. On its lowest setting, one set of burners can deliver just 0.1Kw. That’s the merest breath of a flame, which is ideal for melting and simmering slow-cooked food for hours. By contrast, on high setting, another set of burners can deliver a ferocious 4.7Kw making it perfect for searing. Explore the Gas cooktop range.



Dual-stacked sealed burners deliver high power and total control, from an ultra high 4.7kW for boiling and searing to a mere 0.1kW for melting butter and chocoloate or gentle simmering. There are seven surface configurations available in widths of 762mm, 914mm and 1219mm. With heavy-duty grates and infrared charbroiler and griddle along with a French Top option, a Wolf sealed burner gas Rangetop is built to satisfy the most demanding professionals. Explore the Gas rangetops.


Our choice of seven integrated modules cover every type of cooking technique, from steaming to deep frying, or electric or induction, and can be mixed and matched to create your own perfect cooktop. Turning any counter area into a customised cooktop surface, or perhaps adding specific functions to an existing Cooktop or Range, giving you the flexibility and control to cook with confidence. Find out more about the Integrated modules.



Microwave ovens were once a cut-corner compromise guaranteeing lack lustre food. Not any more. Our Wolf combination microwave offers uncompromising performance, delivering high-speed cooking and perfect results. Refined controls allow you to bring out the best from your cooking, while the design blends perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. Find out more about the Microwave oven.

Wolf ventilation

Wolf’s professional heritage shines through in our ventilation systems. powerful multispeed blowers deliver maximum performance, keeping the air free from smoke and smells, however busy the kitchen. made from heavy-duty welded steel, the exteriors are so finely finished that they appear seamless. their sculpted lines look good in any kitchen, while their brilliant halogen lights illuminate your cooking surface to perfection. With aluminum filters that are easily removed and dishwasher-safe for extra convenience, Wolf ventilation systems deliver on every detail. Explore the Ventilation range.


With adjustable temperature via touch-sensitive controls, Wolf warming drawers will keep your prepared food in perfect condition until it’s time to serve. The superior air control helps keep moist foods moist and crisp foods crisp, and there is even a setting for proofing bread to perfection. A six-piece container set is available as an option. Black panel and matching tubular handle for the warming drawer are available to complement the new built-in oven E series floating black glass ovens when placed in a tower application. Find out about the Warming drawers


Induction cooking has been used for decades by professionals and homeowners demanding the best in performance. They are 90-95% energy efficient; as a result, no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel. With Wolf’s unframed induction cooktops there’s no stainless steel trim, just the sophisticated, minimalist exterior subtly patterned design to hide any unsightly scratches.
Find out more about the Induction Cooktops