The MeatStick – Wireless Thermometer

*Smartphone not included*

The MeatStick Xtender Set includes 1 MeatStick True Wireless Meat Thermometer and 1 Xtender.

Cooking meats has never been easier! The MeatStick TRUE Wireless Meat Thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking. Stick it in and start cooking as you watch the temps go up in the APP. Once the alert goes off, your meat is ready to eat. Pair it with your favorite recipes to create even tastier meals!

TRUE WIRELESS up to 100m away!
The MeatStick is able to be inserted and left in the meat for the entire cooking process. Don’t mess with tangled wires, or the need to constantly open the grill just to check your temps. With the Xtender, you can get your temps and alerts from almost anywhere in most small homes.

The internal sensor can display and withstand up to 100°C and the ceramic handle sensor can display and withstand up to 300°C. It is recommended to only go between 250°C to 300°C for a few minutes. As the internal shaft is inserted into the meat, it will never exceed 100°C unless you’re cooking charcoal!

Set alerts to notify you when your meat has reached certain temps. Set HIGH/LOW alerts for your ambient temp to notify you if your fire burns out or there’s a grease flare up! Nothing’s worse than when you’re coal’s go out in the middle of the night and you wake up with raw meat!

Use The MeatStick app to cook all types of meat perfectly and consistently. As the cook progresses, the app will update the estimated cook time so you know when your meat will be done.

The MeatStick charges through the charger using a microUSB input. The Xtender requires 2 AA batteries. (Not included) A USB battery pack is recommended, but not included.

Only one Xtender is needed with up to 8 Sticks! Add more as you Sticks as you go! Save money by buying just The MeatStick without Xtender when you want more sticks!

Wi-Fi Link allows you to use your extra phone/tablet in range of The MeatStick and Xtender to transmit the temp data through your local WiFi to your phone. With internet access, you can then check your temperatures from anywhere!

Learn to be a better cook by knowing how your cook affects your meat. All your temperature data for the cook is retained in the app for you to review.

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